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Porto - Calanques of Piana

Day excursions

Porto and the Calanques de Piana

Departure by road through the region of Ostriconi and its small villages of Urtaca, Lama and Pietralba, clinging to the Tenda massif. Once past Ponte Leccia and Francardo, turn off towards the Scala di Santa Regina, a magnificent gorge carved out of granite at the bottom of which runs the Golo, the longest river in Corsica. In Calacuccia, discover some of the most beautiful mountains of Corsica that are reflected in the lake, including Monte Cinto which rises to 2710 m.

Continuation of the circuit through the forests of Valdo-Niello and Aïtone, multi-century pine laricio, through the Vergio pass, the highest road pass of Corsica.

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Descent to the village of Evisa which hosts each year the « fair of brown », the spectacular gorges of the Spelunca, and finally Ota and its navy, Porto.

Free lunch.

Mandatory detour to admire the famous Calanques of Piana where erosion has given to pink granite, according to Maupassant, "all forms, like a fantastic people of fairy tales, petrified by some supernatural power".

Retrace your steps to reach the small villages of Serriera and Partinello. Continuation to the Col de la Croix, the Palmarella pass where you can see the small port of Girolata, very busy in the summer by boats and hikers but where cars are absent because no road leads there !

Return to Balagne and Ile Rousse by a valley, formerly transhumance zone for the shepherds of Niolo, where flows the Fango whose natural pools make the happiness of tourists summer; and finally the Marsulinu pass.

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