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in Ajaccio

Day excursions

Departure for Ajaccio

Road to Ajaccio: Corte, the small village of Venaco, which hosts each year in May « the fair of Corsican cheese », Vivario, the pass and the forest of Vizzavona that cross paths that make the happiness of hikers who go especially at the Cascade des Anglais.

The descent to Ajaccio will be done by Bocognano where takes place every first weekend of December "the chestnut fair", nicknamed in Corsica the breadfruit; and the Gravona Valley that joins the Prunelli at its mouth.

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Free lunch.

In Ajaccio, the names of the streets, the statues, the monuments, everything recalls the memory of Napoleon Bonaparte, born August 15, 1769 in a house on the rue Saint Charles. At the age of nine, he left Corsica for the military school at Brienne. He died on May 5, 1821 in Saint Helena, so near and so far from his native land.

Discovery on foot of the imperial city: passage in front of the birthplace of Bonaparte, the Napoleonic salons of the Town Hall, the Imperial Chapel (entries to the sites are not included - you can freely complete your visit in the after- midday).

Orientation tour by coach from the imperial city, continuation to the road of Sanguinaires where Ajaccians like to walk on weekends, jog, swim in the turquoise water of small coves or bask on the beach of Marinella , very close to the old Tino Rossi property, the Scudo.

Stop photos allowing a splendid point of view on the Sanguinaires Islands and on the point of Parata surmounted by a tower of Genoese era. Site protected and recognized of national interest, it now enjoys the label Operation Grand Site La Parata - Sanguinaires Islands, it is now inaccessible by bus.

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