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in Corsica Cap

Day excursions

Departure for the Corsica Cap

Departure for the Corsica Cap, finger pointing to the North, whose two sides fascinate by their diversity and their vegetation.

On the east side, crossed by small seascapes which, before the development of the road, were accessible by cabotage: Pietranera, Miomo, Lavasina, which welcomes the pilgrims each year, on September 8, the day of the Nativity of the Virgin; Erbalunga, essential destination for the painters who made their Grand Tour in the nineteenth. Continue to Sisco, Pietracorbara, Santa Severa Meria and Macinaggio. Today marina, very popular during the summer, this navy saw pass during its history important personalities.

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In the afternoon, continue to the belvedere mill Mattei, whose inventor of the famous aperitif, Cap Corse, used to advertise its products.

From there, splendid view of the small marine Centuri known for its lobster fishing. All along, this winding road, lined with a maquis ras profiled by the wind, impresses with its slopes plunging directly into the sea.

Continuation to Pino, Giottani, the navy of the small village of Barretali, Nonza, whose symbol is its tower overlooking a black pebble beach, Patrimonio, the first Corsican region to have obtained the AOC for its wines, and finally Saint Florent, small seaside resort whose port attracts many boaters every summer.

Finally, Balagne direction through a region called the desert Agriates. This territory was formerly frequented all the year, in spring by the inhabitants of Nebbio and Cape who came to sow the land, and the winter by the shepherds. Witnesses of this period, small straws and dry stone walls that we still guess in the maquis. Today, this area, lined with exceptional beaches, only accessible by boat or 4x4, is protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral.

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