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Castagniccia - Bastia

Day excursions

Departure for a very picturesque region of mountains and chestnut groves

30 minutes from the sea, the Castagniccia, a region of middle mountain in the heart of Haute-Corse, is characterized by its high hills with slopes covered with endless chestnut groves, while on the ridges, small villages with shale houses seem watch them.

It offers you its calm, its greenery, its freshness. For rest and walks, shade and water are everywhere. Austere and beautiful, the Castagniccia reserves for the curious of beautiful discoveries.

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The sometimes spectacular building, especially when it comes to religious art, is in harmony with sober and modest utilitarian constructions such as mills, ovens and fountains which testified to a great artisanal and agricultural activity. Indeed, Castagniccia was for a long time the most populated region of the island, reaching even the highest rural density of Europe in the 19th century.

Crossing the small village of Morosaglia, birthplace of Pascal Paoli nicknamed the Father of the Fatherland whose family home has been transformed into a museum.

Continue to pass Prato, the village of La Porta, whose baroque church is found on all postcards; and then along the river Fium'Alto, until Folelli.

Free lunch.

Arrived at Bastia by Casamozza, Lucciana, a small village paired with Monaco thanks to Sainte-Devote, a young Christian martyr from the region, whose body was placed by his companions in a boat that drifted to the coast of Monaco; and Furiani, whose stadium enjoyed its heyday in the 78's with the Bastia team, the SCB.

Free time to go to the discovery of BASTIA: the old port by taking the stairs that follow the Romieu gardens or the Saint-Nicolas place, with multiple terraces, surrounded by buildings built in the 19th century by rich traders.

Stop, sip a drink under the branches of his big, benevolent trees, while watching the gigantic ferries leaving.

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